What is VoIP? It’s the cost-effective, easy to use, and intelligent business solution you didn’t know you needed to give you a competitive advantage.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In layman’s terms, it is a phone service that is provided through an existing internet connection. Since it’s origination 1995, VoIP technology has exploded in popularity among the business world.
More and more companies are choosing VoIP over traditional business landlines for their phone service. What makes VoIP such a good business solution? Why are companies preferring this technology nowadays? After all, a phone is just designed to send and receive calls, right?


Businesses upgrading their business phone service to VoIP is comparable to when consumers upgraded their cell phones to a smartphone. Since then, life has never been the same.

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Here’s Why VoIP is a good business solution:

1. VoIP is cost-effective.

VoIP is a much more cost-effective solution than a traditional landline phone system. For example, many landlines charge per call for long-distance and international calls. On the other hand, VoIP offers unlimited local and long-distance calling included in the monthly rate (that can start as low as $24.99 per month!). Could you imagine being a sales organization using a landline system to make long-distance calls? The bill would be monstrous!

2. VoIP is Do it Yourself.

When it comes to set-up, VoIP was designed to be self-service. Phone systems of the past required a trained technician or two (that you paid for) to visit your office and install the copper wiring and phones. Today, VoIP phones are plug and play. As long as you have existing ethernet outlets and a power outlet, you simply plug in your phone and begin calling.

3. Competitive Advantages.

When running a business, you need to have an edge over your competition, and many are surprised that a phone system can give you just that. One of the most overlooked features of VoIP is that it can hold an unlimited amount of inbound calls at a time. Landlines use rollover lines to accommodate inbound call traffic so staff can handle more than one call at a time.

So, for example, with a landline, if everyone is on the phone and more prospects call-in, the prospects would hear a busy tone and likely hang-up and call your competitor. Since VoIP can hold an unlimited amount of calls, even if everyone is on the phone, prospects can be placed on hold and listen to music. In fact, on-hold music is statistically shown to increase the amount of time an individual will remain on-hold.

4.  Clever Marketing.

Did you know that a phone system can allow for free branding and marketing of your business? VoIP allows users to create and record a professional and personalized call-in greeting. Additionally, if someone is placed on hold, they can listen to commercials while they wait. Many businesses use these tactics to promote their products and services to customers as they wait. Can your phone system do this?

5. Efficient Features.

VoIP now offers users the ability to seamlessly streamline internal communication and increase productivity. In the past, when a customer called in and asked to speak with a particular employee, you’d have to physically leave your desk to see if the coworker was available to take the call. Then you’d have to walk back to your desk and transfer the call.

VoIP saves employees from this time-wasting and distracting occurrence with internal chat. Countless organizations of all sizes use internal chat to improve efficiency, limit distractions, and streamline internal communication. Employees no longer need to leave their desk, but can simply send a message and continue with their tasks. Fewer distractions equals more production.

Another way VoIP is driving efficiency in offices is with its software and web browser integrations like click-to-call. The time-consuming days of punching each digit one by one on the phone are coming to an end with this technology. In particular, inside sales and telemarketing departments benefit significantly from this feature to drive outbound call production.

6. Training and Coaching Tools

It is statistically shown that high employee turnover can cost businesses a great deal of money. In fact, the replacement cost for one employee is $15,000. That isn’t chump change if you’re losing multiple employees a year.

VoIP technology can assist in reducing expensive employee turnover with a call recording feature. Having access to call recordings and statistics from your phone system allows you to pinpoint where your staff is struggling. Then, you can use your coaching skills to overcome these struggles!

Management can also be more hands-on to help with struggling employees or new hires by using their VoIP. Whisper coaching allows the supervisor to chime in on conversations and communicate with their employees without the client or prospect hearing. Or, many departments use call monitoring which allows a supervisor to listen to a call without the employee knowing. This allows the supervisor to pinpoint where an employee is struggling and take action to improve performance.

Training and coaching tools such as these can play a significant role in reducing employee turnover and driving employee performance.

What is VoIP? Let’s recap.

VoIP is cost-effective.

No more rollover lines and charges for long-distance and international calls.

VoIP is easy to use.

This type of phone system is designed to be do-it-yourself so that you don’t have to pay expensive installation service technicians.

VoIP is a simple marketing tactic.

Use commercials and a customized call-in greeting to brand and promote your business to prospective buyers.

VoIP is intelligent.

Call recordings and statistics give you the intelligence you need to improve employee performance.

VoIP is efficient.

Internal chat reduces distractions by keeping employees in one stop. Click to call increases outbound call productivity-increasing sales opportunities for salespeople.

VoIP is the future.

The days of landlines and other outdated technologies are coming to an end. That’s why businesses are taking advantage of numerous technologies to give themselves a competitive advantage in the market. Isn’t it time you did too? Click here for a free quote of Aline Phone Systems and propel your business forward!

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