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Aline Phone Systems is THE premier VoIP Phone System to take your business to the next level. Work wherever and whenever without sacrificing quality. Streamline your business communication and drive efficiency with Aline’s easy to use phone system. 

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Work From Anywhere. Increase Your Efficiency. Unify Teams.

Work is no longer reserved for only the office. Aline’s VoIP solution allows users to work from home, a coffee shop, or on the go. No matter the location, everyone can remain connected to the entire office without reducing efficiency. Aline offers a plethora of features to add value to your business and make the workday easier than ever. Our VoIP solution continues to transform organizations into efficient machines reducing costs and driving productivity.

Streamline Your Business Communication


Business moves fast in today’s world which is why you shouldn’t have to be tethered to your office when conducting business over the phone. Aline’s mobile app allows you to make and receive business calls wherever you go. Plus, you’ll never have to personally provide your cell phone number for business reasons ever again.


A computer-based desktop app, or softphone, is the most efficient tool when communicating with both clients and employees. Instantly view which employees are available to receive calls and then with the click of a mouse, transfer a call to the appropriate employee or department. You can even instant message employees for a quick reply or view recent calls to make a callback.

Simplify Call Routing

Ensure that calls are always routed to the correct employees using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) from Aline. Inbound Callers can select from a menu and decide where they would like the call to go. This eliminates the frustration of being transferred around to multiple agents in order to speak with the correct employee.

Unify Multiple Offices

When there are multiple locations using different phone systems, this leaves gaps in connectivity and creates more problems as organizations scale. A unified solution from Aline allows all locations to be connected. Keep employees linked and customers delighted when you can instantly send chats or transfer calls between offices.

Time For VoIP

The days of overpriced and limited feature landlines are dwindling. More businesses are switching to a VoIP phone system like Aline and saving on their monthly bills and eliminating maintenance fees. VoIP simply has more value than a landline and will keep businesses communication connected, and remain competitive.

Training Tools

Businesses of all sizes now have access to features that can enhance their most valuable assets- their employees. Without properly trained employees, employee turnover can become an expensive reality. That’s why features like whisper coaching and live call monitoring from Aline allows you to listen in and take notes or coach your employees instantly.


Nowadays there are typically several different software applications that businesses use daily. Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone system could seamlessly integrate? Aline integrates into many software’s so that you can work efficiently. Click to call allows users the ability to dial a number with the click of a mouse. Screen pop instantly ‘pops’ the customer profile upon call-in when the phone number is recognized.


How can your organization improve without accurate call reports? Access the metrics and intelligence you need using Aline’s call reports. Easily view multiple reports or filter to find the specific call you need. You also can access the call recording to quickly reference exactly what was said on the call so that you’re always informed.

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