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Deciding on a reliable phone system for your business is critical. You need to make the best selection or you could lose some serious time and money. Sometimes phone companies aren’t what they look like on the cover so why not trust a phone system that has your business in mind.

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The business environment continues to evolve and change every day as we bring more technology into the workplace. Having a phone system that has the features and benefits you need to run your business is important. We strive to provide the features phone systems should have to help your business be successful — even when you aren’t in the office.


Unlimited Local and Long-Distance Calling

Send and receive unlimited local and long-distance calls to the United States and Canada. Never worry about being nickel and dimed by your phone service provider again.

Ring Groups

Ring groups allow for a group of extensions to ring simultaneously when a number or extension is dialed. They can be used for inbound sales or customer service calls to be directed to the appropriate users.

Clickable Transfers

With the click of a mouse users can instantly transfer calls or initiate a supervised transfer. A supervised transfer allows for the user to introduce the caller to the transferred agent. The user can then choose to remain on or leave the ongoing call.

View Employee Availability

Monitor who is on a call or view if an employee is available to receive a call before transferring. Users can also set a call status so that others can view their availability.

Click to Call

Aline can integrate with any web browser for click to call. Save time from manually dialing calls.

7-digit dialing

If your organization calls a locally often, 7-digit dialing can help agents be more efficient. Instead of dialing 10 digits, calls can be made with 7.

Screen Pop

With our many CRM integrations, the customer’s CRM profile can automatically populate when they call your organization. Users can have instant access to who’s calling for quick servicing.

Viewable Call History

Agents can use the softphone to view prior calls. These include missed, received and dialed calls.


Aline integrates into many fantastic software solutions such as Blitz Sales Software, Zendesk, SugarCRM, Zoho, Pipedrive, SuiteCRM, Bullhorn, Salesforce, Vtiger, Microsoft Dynamics, Ezlynx, and NowCerts.

Call Park

Place a call on park and another agent will be able to pick up the call instantly from a different phone.

Wake-Up Calls

Need a wake-up call? Have your phone ring automatically ring at the exact time that you need to be contacted.

Central Phone Book

Sync your personal and professional contacts directories or add manual contacts when needed. With a simple click, these contacts can be reached instantly.

Voicemail Notification

Users can be notified of a new voicemail message through an automated call. When needed, this allows you to respond and take action quicker.

Unified Call History

Work is not just at the office, but everywhere. That’s why the phone calls that you send and receive on different devices, at different locations, should be synced. Stay up-to-date with unified call history- no matter if it was completed on your desktop or mobile app.


Live Chat

Using the softphone, communicate between team members instantly. In addition to text, users can also send images and attachments. 

Intercom Calling

Users can call and extension and the recipient can pick up the call using the handset’s speaker phone. Common uses are for Lobby workers and receptionists. They can intercom an office worker to let them know that a visitor has arrived for an appointment.

Instant Conferences

Efficiently add one or more users to an ongoing call instantly. With the click of a mouse add a user into a conference or have a conference number for the participant to call into. Also, once everyone has exited the conference call, the sound file of the call can be emailed to a pre-specified E-mail address. 

Virtual Fax

Easily send outgoing faxes using your softphone. Incoming faxes will be routed to an email address.

Mobile Chat

Instant message anyone within your organization no matter where you are. In addition, users can create group chats, send images, files, and GIFs. Plus, messages are synced between the mobile and desktop applications so you never miss a message. 

Video Conference Meetings

Schedule or hold instant video conference meetings with anyone from inside or outside your organization. Participants can share screens, chat with meeting participants, record meetings, and much more.


Instantly send and receive SMS & MMS to and from your business number using the softphone or mobile app. Attach images, audio files, PDFs, videos, and more. If you need to send an SMS to many contacts, you can as a bulk SMS. 


Admin Portal

Access your entire organization’s settings through the admin portal. Change operation times, access call reports, call recordings, and much more.


Access a number of reports including inbound and outbound call reports, missed calls, and more. Reports are valuable intel for employee accountability, improving the user call experience and organizational efficiency.

Company-Wide Call Recordings

Record all calls in your organization. Use them for coaching, training, or reference purposes. 

Call Monitor

Listen in on any live call without the agent knowing. This feature can be used for sales coaching and improve customer experience.

Call Queues

Call queues allow for incoming calls to be placed in order while all other extensions are occupied with calls. Once an extension becomes available, a queued call will be sent to an extension in the order received.

Ring Groups

Ring groups allow for a group of extensions to ring simultaneously when a number or extension is dialed. They can be used for inbound sales or customer service calls to be directed to the appropriate users.

Operation Times

Set daily operation times for when your organization can receive inbound calls. Or, decide which extensions can receive calls based on the time of day.

Virtual Mailbox

Collect voicemails for a specific purpose. A common use for this feature is a company after hours voicemail box.

Call Blocking

Getting spammed? Block anonymous callers or specific phone numbers so that your organization isn’t disrupted. 

Whisper Coaching

Managers can instantly chime in on conversations and coach agents without the client or prospect hearing. This feature can be useful for sales calls or resolving a customer service dispute.

Toll-Free Numbers

Port your existing toll-free number or add one at any time. Plus, Toll-Free calling with Aline is the unlimited meaning you’re not charged per minute.


Aline is a secure service with 99.9% uptime. All calls are encrypted using TLS meaning that end-to-end communication between networks is always secure. For added security, Users can enable 2-step verification or set a password expiration date.


Mobile App

Compatible with both IOS and Android, the mobile app allows users the freedom to send and receive business calls & texts anywhere, access your voicemail, and more. Plus, users never have to provide their personal cell phone number to clients again.

Emergency Call Notification

When an emergency number like 911 is dialed, a call can automatically go out to a number, extension, or ring group with an automated message letting the recipients know that 911 was dialed from the extension that called it. This helps to keep employees alert and safe.

Voicemail Transcriptions

Aline’s voicemail transcriptions can be emailed to a user’s inbox after each voicemail is left. The text can be read and a recording of the voicemail is attached.

Smart Caller ID

Change the caller ID you wish to display on outgoing calls with the click of a mouse. This can be used for making sales calls outside of your residing area code.

Call Flip

Switch the device you’re using while on a call instantly. Walking into the office using your mobile app but want to switch to the handset? You can. Leaving the office and want to switch from your handset to mobile? You can do that too.

Shared Extensions

Share up to two handsets on a single extension. One handset is able to be used at a time. A common use is for a conference phone and a user’s phone to share the same extension so an additional extension doesn’t need to be purchased.

Unified Presence

If a user is active on their desktop, they’ll be marked as active on their mobile device. If their status becomes idle on the desktop application, the system will mark them as available on their mobile device. This ensures that users will never miss a call and their coworkers can quickly reach them.

Customer Experience (CX):

On-Hold Commercials

Prerecorded commercials from Aline can vocalize promotions that your business is offering or general information about your business while the customer waits. These make create marketing and sales opportunities. Plus, they’re customizable. 

On-Hold Music

While callers wait on hold, music can be played for a pleasurable experience. Admins can choose from preset on-hold commercials or upload their own.

Inbound Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

Have a recorded greeting that allows inbound callers to efficiently select where they would like the call to be routed to. Admins can then decide which employees can receive specific call types. 

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