Company background:

The Hugo Cabello Insurance Agency is an independent agency located in Dulles, Virginia. In addition to being the agency owner, Hugo is also the producer and consults with clients on their coverage needs. He opened his agency just before the start of COVID-19 in 2020.  

The Challenges:

Unreliable Customer Support & Difficult to Use

As an insurance agent, a reliable phone system is the lifeblood of Hugo’s business. Without it, processes get clogged and it becomes nearly impossible to run his business. Unfortunately, Hugo was missing the reliability he needed. His phone system was hard to use and his previous provider’s customer service team wasn’t meeting his needs. Hugo explained: “It wasn’t easy to use. And it wasn’t easy to administer. And the customer service was virtually nonexistent. They were relying on chatbots and sending emails. So, somebody like myself, it doesn’t matter whether I’m small or big, sometimes we need answers right away.” He knew he needed a different solution which led him to shop for a new provider.  

The Solution:

A Hosted VoIP: Aline Phone Systems

After some internet searches, Hugo inquired about Aline Phone Systems. “I was looking for something easy to use, simple to implement, and [with] good customer service,” said Hugo. “I mean, I looked at a lot of providers out there using those search terms and you obviously, were in that list.” After a careful eventuation of 3 providers, Hugo chose Aline.  


The Benefits:

More Flexibility & Simple to Use

With Aline, Hugo has more flexibility in his business than ever before. He uses physical phones, the softphone (known as the communicator app), and the mobile app on his cell phone. The softphone and mobile app allow him to work from anywhere. Using the mobile app, he can make calls on the go from his business number and access his company voicemail from anywhere. With all three components in use, inbound calls can follow him wherever he goes, so he never misses a call. Additionally, while his previous provider was difficult to administer with serval menus, it’s easier with Aline’s simple-to-use interface.

“The ability to use a desktop app when I'm at my home or my work office, to be able to look at my performance and also to look at voice messages. I have a lot of flexibility. It pretty much follows me. That’s what I really like about the system.”

Hugo Cabello, Owner, Hugo Cabello Insurance Agency 


With his previous provider, Hugo had more phone numbers than he needed. However, with Aline, he reduced his three numbers to just one- his main office number. Additionally, he was able to keep his Yealink phones and avoid the extra expense of buying new ones. “You get what you pay for,” said Hugo. “Your cost is in line with some of the other providers that are out there. But you’re able to provide more.” 

Responsive Customer Service

Hugo was searching for a company that would be responsive to his needs, and he found it with Aline. Anytime he has a question about the system or needs assistance, the Aline team is always available. “Your company always calls me back, Hugo remarked. “They look for solutions and they follow up.” Now he can spend less time and stress trying to get in touch with support and more time running his business.



Hugo’s Advice to You: 

“Life's too short. find companies that align with your goals. Look at [those companies] every six months, every 12 months, just like you do insurance, and make sure that they're providing the service that you're looking for. And if they're not, talk about that early on in the game, because chances are, you'll find that [you] can change. You'll be a happy customer moving forward. Don't wait [until] the last minute. I'm guilty of it. But give this company a shot. I think that you'll be surprised.”

Hugo Cabello, Owner, Hugo Cabello Insurance Agency 

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