In a matchup between VoIP vs Landline, VoIP is the clear winner. Here’s why:

Deciding on a reliable phone system for your business is critical. You need to make the best selection or you could lose some serious time and money.

So, if you’re reading this, that means you’re down to two options: VoIP and landline.

What exactly is VoIP and why should you choose it for your business? This is why:

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VoIP vs Landline: What’s the Difference?

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, uses your existing internet connection to transmit communication. It turns analog signals into digital ones spread across the internet.

Traditional landline phone systems use copper wire that connect to several switch boxes. Since landlines require wiring that is above the average person’s knowledge, it’s not unusual for a technician to install it for the customer. However, installation comes with a charge.

So you understand the differences now, but why is VoIP the best choice for your business?

Easy Setup

As mentioned above, landlines require set-up by a technician. Also, if you’re looking to expand your business with more employees, you’ll need to have a technician come out every time you want to expand. These service charges add up quickly.

With VoIP, setup is do-it-yourself because it’s so simple. All you need is an ethernet outlet to plug your phones into. Also, it’s easy to scale as you add employees since VoIP can support as many lines as you need.

More Features

When examining the features of VoIP vs Landline, VoIP offers more features than landlines do. With VoIP, you can improve communication within your business and make your daily tasks easier. Landlines offer the most basic features such as: transfer, hold, and conferencing.

Let’s take a look at some of the features Aline’s VoIP has to offer:

  • Internal Chat: Chat with anyone in the office without having to leave your workstation.
  • Voicemail to Email with Scribe: Receive voicemails to your inbox scribed so you don’t have to listen to the same message over and over again.
  • Mobile App: Send and receive calls on the go without giving out your personal cell phone number.
  • Desktop Softphone: Don’t want hardware? Many offices now solely use a desktop softphone to make and receive calls through the computer.
  • E-Fax: Easily send a fax from accessing your documents with just a few clicks.
  • Call Reports: Manage multiple call reports so you know what’s going on in the office.
  • Integrations: Do you hate manually dialing numbers in your CRM? A VoIP integration with a sales software like Blitz means you never have to manually dial a number again. Just click the number with your mouse and get connected.

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Better Customer Service

Remember what it’s like to deal with your cable or landline’s customer service department? If you have, you probably waited on hold for a while. Also, the solution to your problem may have required a technician to visit.

Fortunately, successful US based SaaS (Software as a subscription) companies like Double A Solutions and Aline pride themselves on a memorable customer experience. Why is VoIP customer service better?

  1. Customer service is conveniently available to call or chat.
  2. Little to no wait times.
  3. Only US based.

With a $551 billion dollar global market share among landline service providers, these large companies have too many customers to handle and are unable to provide helpful customer support like SaaS companies do.

VoIP is Cost Effective

A business VoIP like Aline starts as low as $19.99 per line monthly. Let’s compare this to the cost of one landline which is around $30-$60 per month.

But wait, the additional costs don’t stop there!

VoIP includes unlimited domestic local and long-distance calling in the monthly price. With a landline, you’re charged per minute of calling time.

Need to call internationally? VoIP can be as low as $0.02 per minute while a landline can cost much more.

The nice thing about VoIP is that you’ll know the exact amount that you’ll pay each month. Landline costs can be unpredictable based on the factors above.

In the end, VoIP offers a much more predictable and cost-effective component to your overhead charges.

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VoIP Myths:

Still on the fence? Let’s take a look at some common VoIP myths you may have been wondering about.

Myth #1: “I’m in a rural area and my internet can be slow, so I don’t think I can use VoIP.”


This may have been true years ago, but because of technological advancements, standard internet speeds have increased significantly. The truth is that the minimum upload and download speeds most VoIP providers need to function is 5MBPS (megabits per second).

If you don’t know your internet speed, use fast.com to test for free.

Myth #2: “If my internet goes down, I’m out of phone service.”


This is a reason why the mobile app was created. From bad weather to power outages, it is true that your internet can go down.

For example, Aline’s mobile app does not require WIFI connection. It can function through your cellular data so you can conduct business as usual.

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Myth #3: “VoIP is prone to hacking.”


The truth is that VoIP is just as secure as other telephonies.

However, if you want to ensure there aren’t vulnerabilities in any of your business’s network, consider having a security audit by an IT professional.

VoIP vs Landline Conclusion

Let’s review one more time why VoIP is the best choice for your business.

  • Easy set-up: No complicated wiring or technician required, saving you money and phone downtime.
  • More features: More features mean more advantages over your competition to help grow your business.
  • Better customer service: It can feel like trying to run through a brick wall when dealing with traditional cable and landline customer support. Many VoIPs are SaaS companies that pride themselves on quality customer service.
  • Cost effective: VoIP has more features beneficial to your business for less than the cost of landline service. Plus, local, long-distance, and international calling can be significantly less expensive.

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