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We know businesses are constantly on the go and looking for ways to decrease office costs. Aline is a VoIP phone system used by businesses nationwide to help keep costs low while stay connected to their work phone even when they are on the go. Our solution increases efficiency, accuracy, and talk time for the staff in your office. Being a tier 1 provider never worry if your phone system will go down. With Aline, your phone system has no downtime… We Promise!

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Deciding on a reliable phone system for your business is critical especially when there are more unknowns now in business than ever before. You need to make the best selection or you could lose some serious time and money. Sometimes phone companies aren’t what they look like on the cover so why not trust a phone system that has your business in mind.

Fast Set-Up

Edit users, create ring groups (queues) and manage IVRs from the online portal that reflects changes in real-time.

Voice Intelligence

Missed a call? No worries, with the Voice intelligence, simply read your voice mail transcriptions and reply accordingly.

Call Routing

Build call routing paths that get your contacts or customers into the hands of the right person faster.


Bring context to your conversations with integrations for some of the most used CRM and software solutions.

Keep Your Number

Keep the numbers tied to your business even when switching phone providers, whether local, toll-free, or international.

Reporting & Insights

Easy to read, detailed, reporting that includes filtering to see how productive your teams are being. 


Live Chat

Communicate between team members or even let each other know call details before transferring.



Provide your business with a cloud-based phone system that is fully secure keeping details of your calls secure and encrypted. 

Work doesn’t stop outside the office, so why should your phone system?

Your VoIP Phone System should work with your systems and your business rather than be a hassle or something you seem to ALWAYS have issues with. Aline is capable of transforming the communication system into a real powerhouse solution.

Access from Anywhere

Allow both in-office and remote staff to use the same software for business conversations, no matter the device or location.

Each Conversation Matters

That first conversation can set the tone for your relationship with your clients, don’t miss an opportunity.

Integrations with Other Apps

Integrations are as easy as turning them on and off. We organize the front end of your sales pipeline.

Your Business Everywhere… What Does That Mean?

When we say “Your business everywhere,” we’re saying that Aline provides you with the flexibility to work from the office, from your home, from your local coffee shop, or from anywhere you need to. Anywhere you need to be, your business is with you. With Aline’s mobile app, you can work wherever, whenever, without worrying about having to use your personal phone number.

What Is Stopping You From Making the Switch To VoIP?

Aline is a virtual phone system that can be used from a physical phone in an office or via a mobile app while you’re on the go. There is no fear of downtime and the transition from your old system to Aline is as simple as plugging in your phone! As you get to know your new phone system, our excellent training resources, and confident customer service staff will be here to help you learn the ins and outs of the Aline system.

There’s nothing stopping you now! Switch to Aline Phone systems today.

Be More Efficient In Your Office

Aline Phone Systems is here to help! We strive to offer businesses a great product with great customer service experience. Aline puts everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips.

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