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Insurance agency ownership is a huge achievement for anyone in insurance. Having your own agency means that you’re finally in charge. However, being an insurance agency owner is much different than being an insurance agent. You’re running your own business. That means there are probably a lot of facets of business ownership that you haven’t considered yet. For example, maybe you’ve only taken a couple of classes in accounting and you’ve realized accounting is not for you. When you start an insurance agency, you’ll, unfortunately, have to think about accounting. The first step is to assemble your dream team who’ll help support you in the areas where you’re less confident. The next step is to download this 97-page eBook for a step-by-step guide on how to start your insurance agency off on the right foot.

Captive or Independent Agency?

Whether you decide to start a captive or independent insurance agency depends on a number of factors. If you’ve always represented one insurance company, you’ll likely feel the most comfortable starting a captive or dedicated insurance agency. In contrast, if you’ve always represented multiple insurance companies, an independent agency might be better for you. Whichever agency type you decide upon, we have a step-by-step guide to help you set it up properly! Did you know that in some states you need a business license in addition to your insurance license? This eBook has the resources to help you prevent easy start-up mistakes (like forgetting to get a required license).


No matter what sort of business you start, you have to think about who’s going to work with you, how you’re going to pay them, and what your sales processes will look like. We have over 30 ideas to help you find employees in our eBook.


Good training can be the difference between losing and retaining clients. Well-trained employees are also more satisfied with their work and less likely to quit. Our eBook gives you 4 proven training methods to help you train employees to become more effective and motivated.


Any new business owner knows that you need customers to cover your costs and make a profit. However, to earn money, you often have to spend it. We’ve covered all the ways that you should be prospecting for customers so that you don’t blow your budget.

Agency Technology

You can’t equip a woodworker with a pocket knife and expect him or her to produce masterful woodworking projects. In order to be successful, you have to give craftsmen the right tools to help them reach their potential. Similarly, in order for your producers to be successful, you have to give them the right technology. Our eBook contains detailed checklists that you can use to compare essential agency technology like lead management technology, auto dialers, VoIP phone systems, accounting software, and more.

Be sure to check out this white paper, 4 Ways Your Policy Management System Fails on its Own.


Quoting, Rating, and Binding

Our eBook covers the basics behind quoting, rating, and binding so that you can become the insurance expert your clients need.

Sales Forecasting

Forecasting sales is important because it allows your agency to predict sales revenue, allocate appropriate resources, and plan for the future. Learn what you need to have before you can create an accurate sales forecast for your agency.

New Customer Onboarding

You might think that customer onboarding is only for technology companies. These companies often use customer onboarding to make sure that their customers are able to use their tech successfully. However, having a customer onboarding process also gives insurance agencies a huge advantage. Because customers don’t have to be too involved with their insurance unless something happens, insurance is something many people simply don’t think about. They know they have it, they might know how much it costs them every month, and that’s good enough for them. However, rate increases and dissatisfaction with your services can cause customers to switch to a competitor. In order to prevent customers from leaving, you should use a customer onboarding process to remind your customers of your value to them. Our eBook will help you craft a customer onboarding process in only two steps.

Learn how to create a successful employee onboarding process here.


Endorsements Process

Endorsements don’t have to be confusing! Learn exactly when you should create an endorsement and what questions to ask your clients to find out if they need one.

Claims Process

When clients have to make an insurance claim, they’ve often just been through a stressful situation. For example, a fire could have destroyed their home or they may have just survived a car accident. While you may not have much involvement in their making a claim, you’re often going to be the first person they call in their time of need. Learn how to empathetically handle claims calls and point your clients in the right direction.

Annual Customer Review Process

Customer reviews are another great way to remind your customers of your value. At the end of each year, you should schedule an hour meeting with each client. You can discuss their insurance policies, identify any coverage gaps, and cross-sell! Find out what questions you need to ask and what information you should gather to really make these meeting effective.

Rate Increases

Insurance rate increases can be scary because they cause a lot of customers to jump ship and join a competitor. Read about how to handle rate increases and prevent your customers from leaving your agency.


Performing excellent accounting work keeps your books balanced and your finances in order. Whether your accounting is performed internally or externally, you need to check out the accounting section of this eBook to be aware of where your money is going.

After reading this eBook, you’ll have more of an understanding of what you need to do to start your agency off on the right foot. From staffing to technology to accounting, we’ve covered all of it. At the end of the day, insurance is important. You’re helping people plan for the most important things in their lives. That’s why we’re committed to helping insurance agents become more successful. Download this eBook now to ensure that your agency starts off on the right foot!