Want to make a great first impression? Use these voicemail templates as a starting point for crafting your own professional voicemail!

An attractive voicemail can be a major factor in appearing professional and legitimate to the outside world. When recording a professional voicemail for your business, your validity is evaluated subconsciously by those who call you. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this simple yet valuable component of your brand!

Here are a few voicemail examples you can record using your phone system.

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Brand Yourself

Do you have a crowning achievement or hold a competitive advantage? Showcase that within your voicemail so you’ll be memorable and emphasize why working with you is an advantage. Here’s an example of a professional voicemail someone in real estate could use:

“Thank you for calling (your name), voted your #1 realtor in (insert county name). I’m either away from my desk or helping another customer find their dream home. Please leave your name and number, and I’ll be sure to return your call as soon as possible.”

Appeal to a Bilingual Market

Do you speak a second language and serve customers in an area that primarily uses a language other than English? Make it known that you speak both languages. Start the voicemail with the most dominant language spoken in your market followed by the same message spoken in the secondary language:

“Thanks for calling the desk of (insert your name) at (insert your company name). I’m either on a call or away from my desk but if you leave your name, phone number, and the reason for calling, I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank You.”

Now repeat that same message in your voicemail using your secondary language. Here, we have chosen Spanish:

“Gracias por llamar al escritorio de (ingrese su nombre) al (ingrese el nombre de su compañía). Estoy en una llamada o lejos de mi escritorio, pero si deja su nombre, número de teléfono y el motivo de la llamada, le devolveré la llamada lo antes posible. Gracias.”

Brand Your Company

Does your organization have a witty catchphrase or slogan? If so, use that to your advantage. Here is one that could be tailored towards a custom software company:

“Thanks for calling (insert company name), where your dream is our destination. I’m helping another customer at the moment, but please leave your name and number, and I’ll return your call.”

Stay Up to Date with Vacations and Holidays

If you’re going to be out of the office on holidays or vacations, make that known in your voicemail so customers don’t think they’re getting ignored. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than when they can’t reach you and assume you’re ignoring them. 

“Hi, you’ve reached the desk of (your name). I’m currently out of the office on vacation and will return on (insert date). If you need immediate assistance, please call my assistant, (insert assistant name) at (insert assistant’s phone number). Otherwise, leave your name and number, and I’ll get back to you when I return.”

Get Creative

Show that you’re human! Not everything in business needs to bland and boring. Add some personality to your voicemail while still maintaining professionalism. Do you have a fun fact about yourself or something unique to you? Share that in your voicemail and then ask for the customer to leave you with a fun fact so that you can call them back. 

“Hi, you’ve reached three-time fantasy football champion (insert your name) at (insert your company name). Please leave your name, number, and a fun fact about yourself, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible.”

Who hears that every day? You’re bound to be the subject of your customers’ conversations because you’ve further branded yourself and your company. Who knows, you may generate more call-ins from prospects with this approachable greeting as customers share your voicemail with their coworkers.

Provide Alternatives

If you’re rarely in the office and don’t use a mobile cell phone app to receive calls, be sure to provide alternatives so that customers can still receive the support they need. 

“Hi, thanks for calling the office of (insert your name). I’m away from my desk or out of the office. Please leave your name and number, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance, please hang up and reach our customer support team at (insert phone number). Thanks, and have a great day!”

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Do’s and Don’ts  

As you develop your voicemail script, keep in mind these important tips to ensure that you’re perceived as a professional.

Watch your tone.

No one wants to listen to an unenthusiastic message or do business with an individual who appears unenthusiastic about their business. That’s boring! Put some passion into your tone so you sound inviting to your customers. It may even help to smile as you record your voicemail. The first impression you make with a potential customer may very well be your voicemail, so make it count!

Record in a quiet place.

Shut the office door and turn down the music—it’s time to record! Pretend that your office is your music recording studio as you prepare to vocalize your message. Remember that obscene background noise can be a major turn off to potential customers and prospects.

Slow down!

Calmly and steadily record your voicemail. Don’t rush it to the point where the customer can’t decipher everything you’ve requested on the message. To ease the process, write your voicemail down with pause points. This will ensure you annunciate everything clearly and can assist in managing your speed.  


As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Read your voicemail script aloud several times in order to get the flow and annunciation correct. Soon, you’ll be a voicemail pro!


Never underestimate the power of a professional voicemail! It may be the first impression you make with a customer or prospect, so put some time and effort into yours. Also, keep in mind that an easy to use business phone system can make recording a voicemail quick and easy. So use our tips to help you write your voicemail script today!