New Features:


A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why in many situations, MMS is more powerful than sending a standard SMS. In addition to images, you can send videos, audio clips, PDFs, GIFs, and many more all through your desktop and mobile app. See the image below.

Supported MMS files are as follows:

  • Image Files – jpeg, png, gif;
  • Audio Files – MP3, OGG, AMR;
  • Text Files – PDF, Vcard, txt;
  • Video Files – mp4.

Note: The maximum size of the uploaded files is 500KB or up to (10) files per message.

Additionally, MMS allows up to 1000 characters of text in a single message. You’ll still be notified too. MMS notifications have the same behavior as chat notifications. When the MMS message is received, a pop-up notification appears.

MMS Functionality

Bulk SMS

Sometimes you need to send a message to a group of contacts- fast. To do this, send SMS in bulk through Aline’s admin portal. The Bulk Messages section in Reports will allow users to see all the details regarding Bulk Messages in the system. Just craft your message, select your contacts, and you’re all set!

Unified Call History

These days, work is not just at the office, but everywhere. That’s why the phone calls that you send and receive on different devices, at different locations, should be synced. Stay up-to-date with unified call history- no matter if it was completed on your desktop or mobile app. Call history stores up to a month and syncs between all user devices.

Updates to Chat:

Marking a Chat Read/Unread

Using the desktop or mobile app, never lose track of chats you’ve read or have yet to read. Or, if there’s an important chat you need to review later, simply mark the chat as unread and the unread indicator will appear in the chat window (see the image below). There are two ways that the unread indicator can be switched to read:

  1. Any action inside the chat conversation with the unread status will remove the unread indicator.
  2. Opening the conversation or marking the conversation as read will also remove the indicator.
Mark as unread
Unread Indicator

Deleting a Chat

If you’ve ever wished you could go back in time and unsend a chat, there’s now a solution. From the desktop app, right-click on any message and select ‘Delete Message’, From the mobile app, simply press and hold on any message and select ‘Delete Message’.


Call Encryption Indicator Icon:

Call Encryption ensures that all your calls are secure. With the Call Encryption indicator icon, you no longer have to second-guess whether or not your calls are encrypted or not. Have peace of mind that all your calls are secure when the icon is present.

Call is Encrypted copy

Video Meetings

There are 3 important updates to Video Meetings:

1. Record Video Meetings

If an employee can’t attend a meeting or if you wish to have a recording of a meeting to playback, now you can. Video recordings record the audio (the user must be joined by computer only) and video. Then, the meeting can be converted into a playable format by selecting the ‘Convert’ button. Additionally, you can pause or stop the recording at any time.

Record Video Meetings

2. Mute Participants

Is there too much background noise that’s distracting others during a meeting? Meeting organizers can end the distraction by muting individual or all participants. More productive and flawless meetings are a click away.

mute all or mute one

3. Make Existing Meetings Public

Do you want members from outside your organization to join a meeting? Inviting them is easy without having to create a new meeting link. Users can now change meetings from Regular (only invited members) to Public (anyone with the link can join).

existing meetings public

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this release or need help upgrading, give us a call at 567-803-0327 or email us at: support@alinephonesystems.com.