Aline Phone Systems has successfully added SMS texting to its VoIP phone system.

  • This is Aline’s second major release in the last six months.
  • Business texting empowers businesses to drive more sales and drive customer interactions.

Here are the key features of the release:

  • Users will have the ability to send and receive SMS messages via softphone and the Communicator Go mobile app.
  • Softphone users can view if text messages were sent and delivered
  • Receive notifications of new text messages.
  • Phone numbers can be used for texting and calling.
  • All SMS drafts get saved automatically, so you never lose a text you’ve created.

Toledo, OH – In less than six months after releasing video conferencing, Aline Phone Systems is proud to announce that SMS, also referred to as texting, has completed development. In the coming days, Aline will finalize a strategic plan and then offer the feature to customers. Founded and based in Toledo, Ohio, Aline Phone Systems is a VoIP Phone System built with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

“Billions of text messages are sent worldwide every day. This is an opportunity to offer businesses a new communication channel that can drive more sales and increase responses from customers”.

Jay Burkett

Vice President of Product, Brand, and Partner Management

The ability to text has changed the way we communicate forever and, the numbers don’t lie. 81% of Americans text regularly, and 78% of consumers report that SMS is the quickest way to reach them. Businesses that haven’t added SMS to their communication channels are missing a key feature to communicate with customers. Aline’s SMS feature makes it easy. Users can send and receive text messages from anywhere using their mobile app or softphone application. The mobile app is perfect for sending messages on the go without texting from your personal cell phone number. This maintains user privacy. The softphone application provides a fast way to type messages versus using a cell phone keyboard. This is designed for anyone who works in front of a computer- especially fast-paced roles like inside sales or customer service representatives.

Aline’s business texting feature also offers a new way for businesses to receive inbound sales and customer service inquires. Instead of only displaying a phone number and email on a website, a number that can receive texts makes it easier for those customers who prefer SMS. A phone number can also serve a dual purpose as a call and text number. Plus, users can be notified of text messages so that they can respond fast.

“Customers want the companies they buy from to be accessible. Not everyone wants to call or wait for an email response. They’d rather send a text message to resolve an issue or inquire about a product or service. Aline’s SMS feature empowers customers to do just that”.

Mark Moss

Product, Brand, and Partner Analyst

Aline Phone Systems is a subsidiary of the holding company, Double A Solutions. Aline Phone Systems, is a B2B VoIP Phone Service Provider that serves various industries to meet the communication needs of businesses. Founded in 2003 and also based in Toledo, Ohio, Double A Solutions​ is a SaaS company that works within multiple industries providing software solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Double A Solutions also has 3 other portfolio companies: Blitz Sales Software is a sales CRM software designed to manage and automate sales activities. Call Logic is a TCPA compliant calling assistant. Janitorial Manager is a custodial management software for the cleaning industry.

Contact Person for More Information:
Name: Sam Riegsecker
Phone: 567-803-0327
Email: marketing@doubleasolutions.net