The integration between Aline Phone Systems and Vtiger is complete.​

  • Vtiger is Aline’s latest Software Integration Partner.
  • The integration enhances the customer experience (CX) and streamlines processes.

Toledo, OHAline Phone Systems announced a new integration partner, Vtiger. Vtiger is a CRM built for small and medium-sized businesses. Aline Phone Systems is a cloud-based VoIP system that allows users the flexibility to work from anywhere and integrates into many software solutions including Vtiger.

“We’re excited to partner with Vtiger to launch this new integration. Vtiger users now have an opportunity to streamline processes and boost efficiency using Aline.”

– Jay Burkett, Vice President of Product, Brand, and Partner Management

The integration offers an efficient approach to handle inbound calls. With the call popup feature, Vtiger users will know who’s calling. The contact’s profile will populate allows the user to view information like notes before accepting a call. By having this foresight, Vtiger users are always prepared, which allows them to build and maintain relationships. Another way that the integration is boosting efficiency is with click-to-call. Rather than manually dialing, users of Aline and Vtiger can click a phone number to call. The last feature of the integration is the automatic recording of customer interactions. These call recordings can be automatically uploaded and saved into each customer’s call log. Every inbound and outbound call is logged which provides accurate reporting metrics for managers.

“With call popup, Vtiger users can project the best version of themselves to the customer. In relationship building, you always want to do that.

– Mark Moss, Product, Brand, and Partner Analyst

Vtiger is a CRM that was founded in 2004. With offices in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, Vtiger’s products are used by more than 300,000 businesses globally. Every day, Vtiger helps businesses improve the connection they have with their customers.

Double A Solutions​, is a SaaS company that works within multiple industries providing software solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Aline Phone Systems is a subsidiary of the holding company. Aline Phone Systems, is a B2B VoIP Phone Service Provider that serves various industries to meet the communication needs of businesses. Double A Solutions also has 3 other portfolio companies.  Blitz Sales Software is a sales CRM software designed to manage and automate sales activities. Call Logic is a TCPA compliant auto dialing software. Janitorial Manager is a custodial management software for the cleaning industry.

Contact Person for More Information:
Name: Sam Riegsecker
Phone: 567-803-0327
Email: marketing@doubleasolutions.net