Aline continues to serve clients during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic thanks to remote software that allows employees to work safely from home.

  • Aline is committed to ​employee ​and client ​health, ​safety, and ​flexibility
  • ​In response to COVID-19, employees are given remote work solutions, ​so there is no decrease in support for our clients
  • ​Aline’s products also allow our customers to conduct business as usual

Toledo, Ohio-

Today, Aline Phone Systems announced that it will allow its employees to work remotely in the wake of COVID-19. Since the company’s founding in 2003, employee satisfaction and safety have always been a priority. Employee​s of Aline phone system are given the flexibility to work remotely ​whether that’s when they’re handling the death of a loved one, attending medical appointments, ​ ​or caring for sick children or elderly parents. ​In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, all employees will be able to work from their homes, ensuring that our workforce remains healthy and able to serve our clients.

CEO Archie Heinl had this to say on the matter:

“In order to ease the burden when life happens, we’ve equipped our employees to work remotely from the first day of hire. All employees receive an Aline mobile cell phone app so that they can take their business phone anywhere they choose to work. This prevents our employees ​from having to give out their personal cell phone numbers and keeps them from missing appointments with customers​.”

Archie Heinl

Chief Executive Officer

In addition to the mobile cell phone app, Aline’s parent company, Double A Solutions​, has always provided web-based software for its employees and customers. Whereas downloadable software uses up computer storage space, web-based applications can be accessed from ​anywhere with an internet connection.

“We understood from the start that downloadable software is not always a reliable solution. With web-based solutions, our employees and customers can log in from anywhere and work remotely. Given that more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely because of the current situation, we’re at ease knowing that our customers can use our solutions ​to continue business as usual​.”

Brittany Liggett

Director of Operations

Should the ​COVID-19 pandemic worsen, or ​should there be any​other future instances where Aline’s employees are unable to work within the office, customers can rest assured that they will continue to be served no matter the circumstances. Customers can also be confident that Aline and Double A’s solutions will allow them to conduct business remotely without halting their business’ growth and production. Health, safety, and flexibility will forever be our top priority for our employees and customers.

Aline Phone Systems is a business phone system company that provides businesses’ unique solutions so that they can grow and prosper. Aline’s Parent Company, Double A Solutions​, is a SAAS company that works within multiple industries in the B2B world by providing software solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

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